Before the advent of television, radio, and fancy meteorological equipment, there was only the sky, the moon, the stars, and other signs to tell what the weather would be like. In a time when the people of Kippens were mainly farmers and fishermen, having away to forecast the weather was very important. They relied on these types of things to forecast the weather.

1.When distant hills seem near, rainy weather is coming.

2.A ring around the moon was a sign of bad weather to come.

3.A red sky at dusk, meant that the next day would be fine; a red sky at dawn foretold bad weather for the remainder of the day.

4.Dogberry trees, which were heavily laden with dogberries in the fall of the year, meant that the coming winter would be a harsh one.

5.If seagulls are flying high up in the sky, stormy weather is on its way.

6.”Mackerel sky and mares tails, Make the sailor furl his sails.”

7.Spiders, which are very active, foretell the coming of rain. 8.When cats are very playful, they are said to “gale up the weather.”

9.If wild animals take on a thick coat of fur in the fall, it means that the winter will be a bad one.

10.An easterly wind is supposed to blow in rainy weather.