Kippens will be a growing, residential community where residents demonstrate high community spirit and enjoy access to excellent facilities and services, good standards of living and a beautiful and healthy environment.

This will be achieved because:

1. Kippens will have a growing population with a cross-section of age-groups and diverse cultural backgrounds.

2. Community spirit will continue to increase and residents of all ages will be engaged with community activities and events

3.Kippens will remain an attractive residential community where citizens have well kept, large lots and easy access to green-space and outdoor recreation.

4. The environment will be protected and enhanced via a combination of planning and by-laws, positive environmental action and awareness-raising.

5. Suitable community facilities and services will be in place to allow for future growth and to ensure increased accessibility for all age-groups.

6. The economy will grow and prosper through the encouragement of small business creation and the careful planning and management of larger development opportunities.

7. The Town will be well managed and there will be open governance (including good communication with residents) and reasonable taxes which represent value for services received.