The three basic colors used in the town crest are yellow (gold), red (vermilion) and blue-green.

Yellow represents prosperity and glory, red represents love and the warmth of hearth and home, and blue-green represents the sea and the sky, divine protection, truth and hope. Black is used for the outlines and white to strengthen the design. On the right and left the shapes of halves of evergreen trees, which are found everywhere in Kippens, provide a frame for the designs in the center. The three waves at the base of the crest symbolize the landforms (red), the fields and open spaces (yellow), and the sea, rivers, and streams (blue-green) surrounding Kippens.

These threes waves are echoed in the upper portion of the crest in three bands of which the top one (yellow) symbolizes sunshine, the next one (blue-green) symbolizes the sky and the third one (red) symbolizes sunrises and sunsets.

The very center is filled with a cluster of red shapes representing houses showing the predominant character of Kippens as a residential community with a large array of family homes, each with its own character and identity.

The central symbol is surrounded by further symbols characterizing Kippens. The white band – front center- symbolizes Kippens Road, the life-line of Kippens with the shape of a bridge underneath representing the road link from bridge to bridge provided by the Kippens Road between the two neighboring communities east and west of Kippens.

Left and right of center, behind the symbol for the residential character of Kippens, are two white shapes. The right hand one represents the limestone cliffs above Romaine’s River and the left hand one represents the characteristic mountain panorama of Kippens, most impressive when snow-covered.

The town crest was designed by Ingrid Poller, a resident of Kippens.