Mayor and Council
The Kippens Council is made up of seven (7) members elected by municipal election. Council is structured as follows:

Mike Comerford –

Deputy Mayor
Jeannie Duffenais –

Carla Pearce-Martin –
Julia Power –
Michelle Bennett-Mcissac –
Harold Doucette –
Jeffrey Young –

Terms of office are for four years. The current term extends from November 2021 to September 2025.

Mayor’s Role
The Mayor is Head of Council and presides at all meetings of Council and represents it at official functions. The Mayor is an ex-officio member of all committees of Council. 

Deputy Mayor’s Role
In the absence or incapacity of the Mayor, the Deputy Mayor has the powers and shall exercise the duties of the Mayor.

Councillors’ Roles
Councillors represent the interests of the citizens of Kippens.  They bring, discuss and vote on proposed regulatory matters, municipal projects and decisions to be made by the Council and act as liaison between Council and the community citizens.  Councillors participate in various committees in the municipality and act as liaison between these and council.

Invite the Mayor
The Mayor makes it a priority to attend special events, ceremonies and celebrations taking place in and around the community.  If you would like to invite the Mayor to your event, please email your request to or mail the invitation to the town office.

Contact Information

Town of Kippens
2 Juniper Avenue
Kippens, NL
A2N 3H8
Phone: 709-643-5281
Fax: 709-643-9773