Town of Kippens



SUBJECT:  Outdoor Fire Policy                                                                        SECTION:  Protective Services

ADOPTED/REVISED:  August 9, 2012                                                              RESOLUTION NO.:  108/12



The purpose of this policy is to ensure recreational outdoor fire devices are used safely and responsibly in backyards.


1.  If the device is placed on a wooden patio deck they must sit on a non-combustible pad such as patio blocks.

     The blocks must extend 18 inches beyond (in front of) the loading door.

2.  The only fuel permitted to be in outdoor fire places is wood sized to fit the appliance or commercially    

     available fireplace logs. The burning of any types of household garbage, rubber tires, flammable liquids,

     wiring, or any other type fuel is not permitted. The burning of any type of debris or waste is not permitted

     under Section 12 of the Air Pollution Control Regulations, 2004.

3.  Outdoor fire pits must be located at least 3 meters from any building, structure or combustible material.

4.  Outdoor fire pits are permitted where wind speeds are not in excess of 25 km per hour.

5.  Outdoor fire pits must be attended by someone with access to a fire extinguisher, bucket of water or

     another water source while operating.

6.  Those who live near or border wooded areas in town must adhere to the forest regulations which can be

     found at:

7.  The responsibility to ensure the use of the appliance is safe lies with the homeowner. This responsibly also

     applies to any inconvenience to neighbours. Any complaint regarding the use of the devise will be

     investigated by the Town Manager and may result in extinguishment under the auspices of this policy.

8.  Any cost to the Town as a result of non-compliance with this policy will be borne by the homeowner.

9.  All residents must comply with provincially issued outdoor fire bans.