Town of Kippens

Garbage Collection Policy

SUBJECT:  Garbage Collection Policy                                               SECTION:  Environmental Health

ADOPTED/REVISED:  March 12, 2020                                               RESOLUTION NO.:  61/20


The Town of Kippens prides itself on being a clean community.  To help maintain this cleanliness the Town operates a regular weekly garbage collection service to remove garbage, waste, and recyclables.


  1. The Town has contracted Containerized Sanitation Limited to provide a weekly collection of its garbage, waste, and recyclables.
  2. The designated weekday for collection of garbage, waste, and recyclables is Tuesday. If Tuesday is a statutory holiday collection will advance, for that week, to the next business day.
  3. Collection on the scheduled weekly day begins at 8 AM. Items to be collected should be placed at the curb before 7 AM. All acceptable items used to secure the bags and bundles for collection must be removed from the curb at the end of the collection day. 
  4. On collection day, a resident will be permitted to place up to six bags and/or bundles at the curb for collection. Additional bags/ bundles must have a sticker which can be obtained from the town office at the cost of (1.00) per bag/ bundle
  5. Items for collection should be placed in the Town ROW (Right OWay), that area 4 to 6 feet from the edge of the street/pavement.
  6. For collection the following conditions must be followed:

– All regular garbage must be placed in a clear transparent plastic bag, 1.5 gauge thick, fastened at the top

– All regular recyclable items must be placed in a transparent blue bag, 1.5 gauge thick, fastened at the top

– Paper, cardboard, and magazines are deemed recyclables and should be bundled and secured with  strong twine or rope. These bundles may also, be dropped off at Nova Recycling on the Hanson Highway in Stephenville.

– Cardboard and boxboard are deemed recyclables. These should be cut down and securely tied in

   bundles not exceeding 3‘ x 2‘ in a dimension and 50 pounds in weight.

–  All supermarket bags plastic bags shopping bags kitchen catchers and cardboard cartons are

   regarded as garbage and should be placed in a clear transparent garbage bag.

      For the protection of garbage from animals, birds, etc. the following forms of protection are acceptable:

– Nets, blankets, sheets, and similar covers are acceptable forms of protection garbage placed at the curb

–  A wheeled plastic garbage bin may be used. (Residents must check with Town Staff to determine    acceptable capacities and dimensions). These bins are not to be placed at the curb before 7 AM on collection day and they are to be removed to the resident’s garage or shed garage etc. before the conclusion of collection day.

– Harmful chemicals such as chlorine bleach are not acceptable and may not be sprayed or poured on garbage bags to deter birds and animals.

For collection sharp objects require special containment:

–  Hypodermic needles and similar sharps must be placed in a puncture-proof container and then placed in the regular garbage bag.

–  Broken glass must be packaged so that the glass does not protrude through the container (eg. milk container,  cardboard box, etc.) The container must be clearly marked “BROKEN GLASS “

– No liquids such as paint, oil, animal waste, etc.  may be placed for collection

                                                                 SPECIAL NOTES

  1. The town of Kippens, annually, conducts spring and fall cleanup collections. These are the occasions when the town accepts responsibility for appliances, hot water tanks, furnishings, and similar bulky items. The town will deliver flyers and other informational guidelines when these collections are scheduled. At all other times, the delivery of bulky items to the Regional Waste Management Facility in St George’s is the responsibility of the resident.
  2. When home renovations are being done, such as installing siding, reroofing, etc. the removal of and disposing of debris is the responsibility of the contractor/ resident.
  3. When illegal or on authorized dumping of garbage, waste, yard debris or bulk items occur within the Town, the Staff will make every effort to discover the offender and have him or her prosecuted.
  4. Questions and concerns regarding the disposal of garbage etc. should be addressed to the Town Of Kippens at (709) 643–2581.
  5. Other agencies firms which may help with the disposal of paper, bulk items, metal items include:
  • Scotia Recycling – 196 Hansen Memorial Hwy, Stephenville, NL A2N 1W7, Phone: (709) 643-5003 –  for cardboard, bundled papers, etc.
  • Containerized Sanitation –  253 Carolina Ave, Stephenville, NL A2N 2A6, Phone: (709) 643-3279 –  for excess paper and excess garbage
  • NEWCO Metal & Auto Recycling – 1101 Connecticut Dr, Stephenville, NL

 (Little Port Harmon) – 709-643-5546 –  for metal recycling eg. fridges, etc.