ADOPTED: May 19, 2011

REVISED:  September 10, 2014




Policy Statement:

The Town of Kippens recognizes the need for donations to encourage, support and assist individuals and organizations that represent the Town or benefit its residents. The Town will provide financial assistance, ‘in-kind’ assistance or a combination of both to individuals and recognized, charitable, not-for-profit, service organizations from an annual budget established for this purpose. All donations in excess of the annual budget or outside the guidelines must be supported by an affirmative vote of five or more of the elected Council.

Policy Guidelines:

  • 1. The recipient of any donation under this policy must be:
    • a. A resident of the Town of Kippens, if the donation is being made to an individual.
    • b. A Bay St. George charitable, not for profit organization if the recipient is an organization
    • c. A group whose composition includes a number of residents of the Town, if the donation is being made to a group.
  • 2. Because it recognizes the importance of promoting academic excellence and community involvement the Town of Kippens will donate, annually, a scholarship to the graduating student[s] who best demonstrate these abilities.
  • 3. An individual, organization or group will be granted only one donation in any fiscal year.
  • 4. A donation will not be granted by the Town to any charity, organization or activity which normally solicits funds from residents through door to door canvass, mail out solicitation, telemarketing or similar direct-to-resident fundraising.
  • 5.
    • a. Financial donations, other than those established during compilation of the Town Budget, will be determined by the specific request received. Factors to be considered will be number of individuals involved, distances to be travelled and similar considerations.
    • b. The amount of a donation will be recommended by the Finance Committee. The specific amount of the donation will be determined using Schedule “A” as guideline.
    • c. The Finance Committee will annually make a recommendation to Council of any changes to be made to Schedule “A”. All changes must be approved by a vote of five or more of the elected Council.
  • 6. All requests for donations must be in writing and include the following information:
    • a. The contact information for the person(s) requesting the donation.
    • b. The purpose or intended use of the requested funds
    • c. In the case of an organization, the mandate of the organization requesting the donation
    • d. The amount being requested, including the estimated monetary value of any in-kind services.
    • e. Indication that some portion of the project/travel costs are being covered through personal contribution, fundraising activity or other donations.
  • 7. The donation from the Town of Kippens may be financial, in-kind, or a combination of both.
  • 8. Any written request for a donation, which exceeds the normal amounts granted by this policy or after total Budget funds for Donations have already been allocated may be approved by Special Council Resolution if supported by five of seven councillors. The donation request must meet the guidelines of this ‘Donations Policy’ in all other respects.