1.This form is to completed and submitted with Form MDA applying for a development permit and from MBA (construction details where necessary)

2.One (1) complete set of building design plans is to be submitted with this application.

3.Plot plan-outlining location of proposed building to be submitted with this application.

4.Department of Health Approval required before permit issued.

5.Permit construction fee for residential dwelling is fifty ($50.00) dollars, payable when permit picked up by owner if the owner is the builder. Contractor, residential permit fee is 1/8 of 1% of construction costs.

6.Septic System shell be designed by a certified system designer. A list of the septic system designers is available at the Government Services Centre, Stephenville.

7.When selecting a heating system for your dwelling place note that Kippens Water supply is known as hard water and if you plan on having a water heating system in your dwelling please have you contractor design the water heating system for hard water.

8.Culvert to be installed under proposed driveway. Please check with town on culvert size.