1.An application to build shall be obtained from the town office.

2.Minimum building lot size is 15,000 sq ft.

3.75-ft frontage for lands fronting on town roads.

4.100 ft or 30.48 meters frontage for land fronting on route 460.

5.Department of Health Approval required for a septic system.

6.Septic system to be inspected by Department of Health before covered.

7.All development shall front on a publicly maintained road.

8.Side yard distance is 6.5-ft (2M) from property boundary line.

9.One side of property must have access to emergency vehicle in case of fire etc.

10.Water connection fee is $400 payable in advance.

11.In sub-division where the developer has installed the water system, the water connection fee is set at $40.00 per connection.

12.It is the responsibility of the property owner to install a culvert across driveway.

13.$50.00 New residential dwelling, $50.00 Home base business, $50.00 Business, $20.00 Utility / Residential Shed, $20.00 Garage, $10.00 Fence

14.Permit required from department of health before and changes to septic system.

15.Town has right of way adjacent to roadway and damage to sods placed out to the road shall be the responsibility of the homeowner. Maximum height of a fence is 6-ft.

16.Garbage collection is on Tuesday of each week; 

17.Entrance to town recreation area is on Juniper Avenue. Recreation site includes natural trail, Tiny tot’s playground, Tennis court, Soccer field, and Baseball field.

18.Kippens Town Hall 643-5281

19.In case of fire call 911