The library in Kippens is still relatively young, having been opened during the summer of 1986. The library was opened in conjunction with the Kippens recreation program, in order to accommodate “story time” for the Tiny Tots program, and was unofficially opened in January 1987. The first library committee was made up of Sandra McIntosh (Chairperson), Jeannine Duquette (Public Relations and Media), Rosemarie Alexander (Director) and Marjorie Robertson (Director). All the furniture in the library was donated, with Abitibi-Price proving the desk, typewriter, and filing cabinet; the Lions Club donated the tables and chairs, and the husband of the committee members built the bookshelves. The lumber for the shelves was obtained through fund raising and donations. Individuals, schools, and businesses donated most of the materials of the library. Scholastic Book Services and Saunders Books donated books to the library. The Kinsmen, as well as other as organizations, provided funding for the purchase of books, and committee members conducted some fundraising in order to raise money for the purchase of books. The library now has approximately 2000 different selections, including children’s, junior’s, and adult fiction and nonfiction books. It also carries magazines and reference material. The library currently has a membership of approximately 350 people.

Funding for the training of library workers in the Kippens library is provided by the C.E.C. Job Strategy Unit, and while the library presently experience periods of closure because of funding shortages, efforts are being made to have the library opened on a permanent basis.

The present library committee is Mary Gibbons (Chairperson), Sandra McIntosh (Director), Rosemarie Alexander (Director), Mary Dawson (Director), and Nellie Bragg (Secretary). The Kippens Library is located downstairs in the Kippens Community Centre on Gaudon’s Lane.

Did you know? Mr. Amedee Gaudon owned one of the first stores in Kippens. There was also a post office which Winnie Gaudon (Amedee’s wife) ran. The store and post office were located in approximately the same area that Doucette’s Service Station is located today.

Did you know? A.V. Gallant owned a sawmill in Kippens during the early part of this century.

Did you know? Mrs. Henrietta Bourgeois once owned a dry goods store in Kippens. She sold a lot of fabric there.